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Adrian Belew – Guitar Virtuoso

Adrian Belew - The Bears, Bloomington, In. 1987 - Copyright - Graham Fisk

Adrian Belew was playing in bar & cover bands going seemingly nowhere and hitting thirty. Then Frank Zappa’s limo driver was asked for a live music destination in Nashville. They were covering the stones when Frank tuned in, stayed and made Adrian an offer.  Playing for Zappa opened doors and provided music industry schooling. From there […]

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Remote Desktop – Black Screen

Remote Desktop Black Screen

The Issue – Using Remote Desktop the remote screen turns black right after login. The issue appears to be caused by Screen Caching and accessing a system with different display resolution or RDP window sizes. The Solution(s) While logged in at the black screen – press CTRL + ALT + END (or CTRL + ALT + FN […]

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How to take a Screenshot – Lenovo X1 Carbon Adaptive Keyboard

Lenovo X1 Carbon On-Screen Keyboard

Adaptive keyboard sounds cool right?  It does make for a very clean, uncluttered and easy to use keyboard. But it also makes accessing functions harder, more time consuming and without knowing the special hidden keys you’d be forgiven for thinking some functions were completely dropped. Print Screen is a common function that appears to be missing. Print […]

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Create Database Model From Existing Database – MySQL


In case I’m not the only one who had trouble figuring out how to create a Database Model from an existing Database using MySQL WorkBench. Database – MySQL Database Tool – MySQL WorkBench v 6.1 Documentation – Database Modeling using MySQL Workbench Steps to create a Model of an existing MySQL Database Launch MySQL Workbench […]

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New Orleans – Frenchmen Street – Bourbon Street

Windows Phone

Pics from two quick two night trips to New Orleans. I’d never visited, now twice in month for the NCTM and IRA conferences at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. One over a weekend that had me missing my daughters return from School and Mothers day. Bourbon Street was an experience as you’d expect. The mood, music, open containers, […]

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Windows Phone – Stop Facebook Birthday Reminders

Windows Phone

Social Media integration on Windows Phone is excellent but can have some downsides. One issue I’ve experienced and heard others note is due to Facebook integration. During installation of the Facebook app you’re asked to connect FB with your phone. This integrates Facebook with your People hub, calendar, photos, allows for FaceBook photos on the lock screen etc. This […]

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Ghost Drop Down Menus – stuck on screen

Microsoft Windows

Ghost drop down menu’s that stay on your screen until you reset your resolution, logout or reboot. At first you think – no problem, I’ll just ignore that. Then like a dripping tap on a quiet evening you find you’ve suddenly lost all focus to this little sliver on your screen and you cannot move forward […]

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Windows 8.1 Update 1

Windows 8.1 - Update 1

The mighty keyboard and mouse have roared and Microsoft has listened. Windows 8.1 Update 1 is out and has some (some!) nice changes for content creators and other non touch screen users. Most notable is that instead of forking the OS into mobile/touch & desktop/mouse + keyboard versions they’re detecting the hardware and adapting the […]

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CS-Cart – Page Speed and Optimization


Some simple steps to reduce CS-Cart page load times. Prep Steps Optimization references Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site – Yahoo Optimize caching – Google Increasing Application Performance with HTTP Cache Headers – heroku Speed Up Sites with htaccess Caching – Ask Apache Image optimization tools PNGGauntlet (Win) or  ImageOptim (Mac) Test your website with a […]

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SPF records for Office 356

Exchange Hosted Email DNS Settings

Some excellent resources if you’re hosting your own domain with Office 365. When doing so you’ll need to create a TXT SPF record for email. The SPF Generator Framework Wizard below was very helpful generating an SPF record that accounted for my webhost generated email (web forms) and email on 365 servers –  v=spf1 ip4:xx.xx.xx.xx […]

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The most beautiful Derny Race you may ever see

Scattante CFR SE

The Legendary Lightness – World Full Of You (Official Videoclip) Music by The Legendary Lightness Directed and edited by Adrian Winkler Photographed by Simon Huber and Mario Winkler Color Grading by Christian Müller Production: PiXiU Films, Laurin Merz Supported by Migros-Kulturprozent

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Windows Phone – Not Recognized by Windows 7

Windows phone USB device cannot start code 10

Using the wonderful Nokia Lumia 1020 running Windows Phone 8 my computer has on several occasions been unable to recognize the device using the standard Nokia USB cable connecting to Windows 7.

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Worlds First Digital Camera


From PetaPixel – “If you’re a digital photography buff, here’s some required trivia knowledge: what you see above is a photograph of the first digital camera ever built. It was created in December 1975 by an engineer at Eastman Kodak named Steve Sasson…” Read more here:  

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Hosted email – Microsoft Exchange

Exchange Hosted Email DNS Settings

Do you own your own domain and have a personal or small business website hosted along with email? If so you know the importance of email in day to day business and personal communications. Web hosts… not so much. I’ve actually had a couple tell me I should use Gmail if I want reliability.  I […]

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OneDrive – Backup My Documents


Here’s a quick and easy way to backup your My Documents folder and make it available to other computers and mobile devices via Microsoft OneDrive. This is the same process you can use to move your My Documents to any location of your choosing – a second hard drive, an external drive or a network share. This […]

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Nokia Lumia 1020 Camera – wow

Nokia Lumia 1020 camera test

New smartphone day! First let me say that I have an iPhone 5 for work and love it, great OS, the best ecosystem, pretty much flawless functionality, we can talk about iTunes and lack of storage access another time. Camera wise the iPhone 5 has been excellent and a great step up from the iPhone […]

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Microsoft Surface Tablet capabilities

Surface 2 Ports

Excellent user video highlighting capabilities of the Surface 2. Expandable storage via microSDXC and USB3, massive multitasking, voice navigation and application control, full gaming…

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Website – Ed Rudolph Northbrook Veldrome


Weekend launch party! I started this website in 1996, wow time flies. This current iteration based on WordPress with a customized HTML5 theme.  

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Website – Lucia’s Imports v3.0

Lucias Imports

Lucia’s Imports update v3.0. Wholesale eCommerce site. Moved all products, images and users from CubeCart 5 to CS-Cart 4, new skin and layout. Database migration handled very well (mostly) by Cart2Cart which I had previously used for a Miva Merchant to CS-Cart migration

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Install Linux from USB Drive

Linux Mint Install Windows 7

It couldn’t be easier for Microsoft Windows users to try, test or fully install Linux Mint using a “Hybrid” image which can boot to the full Operating System for testing or be installed alongside Windows for full time use. When you complete the steps below you’ll have a full operating system with most all the […]

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Asus Zenbook Crash After Sleep – Kernel Power Event ID 41

Asus Zenbook - Event ID 41 - Crash after sleep mode

Issue: Asus Zenbook crashes, blue screens or unexpectedly shuts down shortly after waking up from sleep mode.  This has been reported since the release of the Asus Zenbook and apparently Asus has yet to acknowledge the issue. My query to Asus Support after experiencing 4 crashes in two weeks went unanswered. BIOS updates, driver updates…. […]

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FAST Race Products shopping cart launched

Fast Race Products

FAST Race Products shopping cart conversion and upgrade project. The customer liked the control and back-end functionality of CS-Cart over Miva for a prior site I’d done. Lets do it again!  Existing Miva Merchant 5 shopping cart migrated to new host and CS-Cart 4. Convert database from Miva to CS-Cart, custom theme, migrate email, DNS & […]

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