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Dreamweaver – Find and Replace Empty Lines

Dreamweaver has excellent automated code cleanup functions that handle just about anything based on your code formatting preferences but it does not handle empty lines. To do so you need to use regular expressions. Related reading: Dreamweaver Using regular expressions – Part 1: Understanding the basic building blocks Steps to replace Empty Lines In Dreamweaver Create […]

Superfish – Thematic Theme Menu Speed in WordPress

The Thematic Theme uses Superfish to manage multi-level drop-down menus. Overall this works very well but the default Superfish menu speed of “normal” is far to slow for my liking. Slow enough I feel people will miss the drops downs unless there is a visual clue the menu is expandable and if you have to […]

Upgrade Ubuntu Droplet – Digital Ocean

I’ve been running a LAMP stack setup on a Digital Ocean Droplet for over a year and wanted to upgrade from  Ubuntu 14.04 to 15.04.  Following the steps below I was good to go in about 20 minutes. My setup is very basic – LAMP  with one Koken photo gallery site. > Full upgrade steps […]

How To Setup A LAMP Website on VPS Server

My photo website’s excellent software Gallery had gone end of life and was no longer supported. I used the opportunity to explore new software, Koken, and move from shared hosting to my first VPS – Virtual Private Server. I’ve hosted development websites on Windows and Linux, and setup many many websites using shared hosting from Site5 and other […]

CS-Cart – Page Speed and Optimization


Some simple steps to reduce CS-Cart page load times. Prep Steps Optimization references Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site – Yahoo Optimize caching – Google Increasing Application Performance with HTTP Cache Headers – heroku Speed Up Sites with htaccess Caching – Ask Apache Image optimization tools PNGGauntlet (Win) or  ImageOptim (Mac) Test your website with a […]

FAST Race Products shopping cart launched

Fast Race Products

FAST Race Products shopping cart conversion and upgrade project. The customer liked the control and back-end functionality of CS-Cart over Miva for a prior site I’d done. Lets do it again!  Existing Miva Merchant 5 shopping cart migrated to new host and CS-Cart 4. Convert database from Miva to CS-Cart, custom theme, migrate email, DNS & […]

Remove CS-Cart branding – CS-Cart v4


Locations to remove CS-Cart branding and links from your CS-Cart store (that I’ve found). Quite frustrating for the purchaser of a product to have to perform a mining expedition to remove branding and links for the company you’ve just paid. I hope Simbirsk Technologies will address this issue with a universal Company Name in future releases […]

All Brands Link – CS-Cart 4


So you’ve gone through the steps to create  Brands for your CS-Cart 4 store. How do you link to them like the CS-Cart Demo store? The key is to find the filter ID you wish to view and place it at the end of the URL above Navigate to your Product Filters: Products > […]

Move CS-Cart Installation to Another Directory


Posting here after finding the CS-Cart instructions for moving v4.0.2 to be frustratingly incomplete. Full steps – in my case moving from /testcart  to  / Open  config.local.php edit: $config['http_path'] = '/testcart'; edit: $config['https_path'] = '/testcart'; My edit was like this: $config['http_path'] = '/testcart'; > $config['http_path'] = ''; $config['https_path'] = '/testcart'; > $config['https_path'] = ''; […]

Bucky Halker v3.0

Bucky Halker Website

Another rainy day website upgrade brought to you by strong coffee. Customized the standard WordPress Twenty Ten theme. Folksinger, writer, rocker, scholar, labor songster, alt-country twanger…

Guatemalan Imports – Lucia’s Imports

Lucia's Imports - Guatemalan Wholesale

Rainy weekends hot coffee and CHIRP Radio, perfect for upgrading websites. Lucia’s Imports version 3.0 – upgraded the shopping cart to CubeCart 5.0, new custom skin, database whacking, complete rebuild… anyone needs Guatemalan wholesale imports ring up my cousin Teresa!

Merge Data from two Databases – MySQL


How you end up on Google querying  “Merge two Databases”… Like any good story that may be a long tale. I’m writing this because a CubeCart site I maintain was on a server that crashed and the host ran FSCK.  The first clue things didn’t go quite as well for us as the host seemed […]

ColdFusion redirect – cflocation

Adobe ColdFusion

I had to change the domain of a longstanding ColdFusion site with hundreds of pages. With .htaccess on an Apache Linux host this is easy and well documented. With ColdFusion on IIS when you are not a full administrator of the IIS server…. not so much.  My searches found post after post with the same […]

Gallery 3 – Online photo organizer


Gallery 3 is an excellent Open Source photo management and organizing tool. If you like to manage your photos on your website then G3 may be for you. Check out my Photo Gallery for an example! About Gallery 3 Gallery 3 User Guide Gallery 3 Modules Gallery 3 – Tips and tricks […]

Web Developer Extensions for Firefox


I browse with Google Chrome but use Mozilla Firefox for the development tools below as the tools either don’t exist for Chrome or lack features. Web Developer Firebug Yslow from Yahoo Page Speed from Google

ColdFusion 8 Data Source with MS SQL Express 2005

After upgrading my development system from ColdFusion MX and MS SQL 2000 to ColdFusion 8 and MS SQL Express 2005 I was getting the dreaded SQLServer JDBC Driver errors. The fix is in the Adobe link below – custom config the TCP/IP settings. In my case I used the existing “Dynamic port” Connection verification failed […]