Lenovo Laptop Display is Dim

Issue: Your Lenovo laptop or tablet display is dim even when set to max brightness. Cause: Lenovo Vantage settings. The app has settings to manage brightness that aren’t available via the normal Windows display controls. Solution Launch Lenovo Vantage In settings: Device > My […]

Pixel 3 Speed Up The Lag

If your Pixel 3 or 3XL is feeling a bit slow you might try changing animation settings in developer mode and disabling Digital Wellbeing. Shortening the animation settings definitely makes all basic UI actions faster, whether you like it or not depends if you […]

Cycling Rollers – Tacx

My good ol steel drum rollers up and blew apart after 22yrs of service, not bad. Stationary trainers don’t provide any motion, action, balance or skill. Rollers rock. Tacx  Galaxia rollers go the extra step and also roll, literally – back and forth. The […]

What’s the Best Browser?

I’ve been using browsers since Mosiac (Marc Andreessen – NCSA, University of Illinois), AOL (whatever that was!), and Netscape (N*tscrape) were the champs. Then came IE (Internet Exploder), Mozilla Firefox (which started as Phoenix and Firebird) and Chrome (login, trust us!) and Opera (it’s faster!). […]