Fresh Start – How To Perform a Clean Install of Windows 10

Everyone needs a fresh start now and again right? Clear out the carbon, shake up the cobwebs. yeah well it works for ones and zeros to. If your computer seems to be running unusually slow, has crashing or startup/shutdown issues, errors or short battery life – then a fresh Start may be for you.

Me, I’m just a glutton for punishment , have full backups and like to play so here I am and – yes indeed my freshly re-installed Windows 10 OS is zipping right along! Here’s the steps to get it done – took me 20 minutes on an i5 Kaby Lake with 16gbs of Ram and a 512gb SSD.

Start Fresh with a clean and up-to-date installation of Windows.

This process will:

  • Keep your personal files and some Windows settings
  • Remove most apps – like Microsoft Office, and other desktop apps – basically anything that’s not part of Windows. Do not proceed unless you have a way to re-install your applications and have serial numbers or other required authentication codes or passwords.

Steps to perform a Fresh Start – takes aprox 20 minutes

  1. In the Cortana/Search field type Device Performance & Health
  2. Under Fresh Start click Additional info
  3. Click Get Started – or click Learn More
  4. Follow the onscreen steps

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