Laptop Display Too Dark In Low Light

My wonderful Lenovo’s crisp and bright display often seems to dark and dim in low light situations. What the heck, how do I get full brightness! Like someone who repeatedly pushes the elevator button to make it arrive faster I hit the F12 brightness button over and over despite it always showing 100%. (Schwarzenegger voice) Make it Brightaa!!  I checked brightness settings, display settings, power settings… and the Brightness and Color setting “change brightness automatically when lighting changes” which was not enabled. So… I would expect full brightness at all times when set to 100%. Wrong. So I do this dance several times before finding the silly fix below, Microsoft Style!

OS version: 1809 (17763.529)

Issue: Laptop display is often dim or dull even at maximum brightness in a low light situation.

Solution: Turn Automatic Brightness On and then Off

  1. Go to: Settings > Display Brightness and Color
  2. Turn On (yes on) this setting: change brightness automatically when lighting changes
    • When I turned on Auto Brightness in a dark room the already 100% brightness display got brighter, but should have made it darker…
  3. Now turn Automatic Brightness back Off
    • Yes! Now we have light!  By… putting the setting back to where it started.

So remember uncle G’s saying – if you’re using Microsoft Windows, turn it off to turn it on!


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