Basement tapes

I don’t pretend I know how to play, but I do have fun. We hang, we drink, we play. Songs are live improv, lyrics are developed on the fly, jamming is long, sometimes magic happens, sometimes not. The Flying EP – All flight videos are for The […]

Dark Beer

Stout, Imperial Stout, Java Stout… Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout – Samuel Smith Old Brewery Founders Imperial Stout Bells Java Stout

Pale Ale – Top 10

Top 10 list of Pale Ales acquired through extensive testing at our back porch lab – includes American Pale Ale, India Pale Ale and  Imperial/Double Pale Ale. India Pale Ale: Pale Ale with more hops to help preserve the ale for the long trip to supply […]


Skyscraperman a.k.a. SpiderDan scales John Hancock Center with Spider-Man’s Stan Lee interview – YouTube. Watch as the head of Chicago’s Fire Department tries to kill Spider Dan in the name of showing kids that climbing buildings isn’t safe! Skyscraper, SpiderMan, Fire hose, Fire chief, police […]

Artisan Bread

Do you every buy or bake good bread, and then eat it all at once? I picked up two loaves today – one Semolina and the other Tuscan. Looks good, smells good, just know it’s gonna taste good. Expensive. Then we eat it almost […]


It was a sad day in Fisk family history today. Yes it’s true we retired the Frostline Kit hockey bag after 33 years of active & semi-active service. Frostline? My brother being a madman of sorts had decided for some reason to begin sewing […]

Hockey Net

Our last hockey net was of the $49 PVC variety. The net did itself proud for 4 years until we laid a small ice rink in the backyard and the kids performed an experiment destined for failure – real pucks, 12f temps and… cheap […]