Create Database Model From Existing Database – MySQL Workbench

In case I’m not the only one who had trouble figuring out how to create a Database Model from an existing Database using MySQL WorkBench.

Database – MySQL
Database Tool – MySQL WorkBench v 6.1
Documentation – Database Modeling using MySQL Workbench

Steps to create a Model of an existing MySQL Database

  1. Launch MySQL Workbench
  2. From the Home window click the > icon to the right of Models
  3. Choose “Create EER Model from Database”
  4. The Reverse Engineer Database Wizard starts
    1. Connect to your DBMS (Local instance –  TCP/IP in my case)
    2. Select Schema (the database you wish to model)
    3. Import the Table Objects
    4. Option “Place Objects on the Diagram” will auto generate the ERR diagram. If this doesn’t work for you run the wizard again and deselect then manually create the ERR Diagram via drag and drop of your tables.
  5. Save your model
  6. You can now add relationships and or modify tables
  7. That’s it !

Create Model From Existing Database


7 thoughts on “Create Database Model From Existing Database – MySQL Workbench

  1. This tutorial saved me more hassle or reading much before doing a simple task as this.

  2. Thank you. The Mysql documentation is vague on this task and needs improving. Your post probably saved me quite a few hours trying to figure this out for myself.

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