Combine Strava GPX or TCX files

If for whatever reason your ride, run or walk gets divided up into two or more Strava “activities” you can easily combine them into a single event to view your combined time, distance and speed as a single activity.

1) Export your data as a TCX file from Strava (Skip this step if you already have TCX or GPX files available to upload)

  1. Open each of your activities one at a time
  2. Append   /export_tcx   to the end of the URL like this:*YourActivity*/export_tcx
  3. Your browser will download a file like this: Ride_Name.tcx
  4. Repeat for each Activity you want to combine

2) Combine your TCX files

  1. Visit this URL:
  2. Upload your TCX files
  3. Confirm activity parameters (Date, Location etc)
  4. Combine the files
  5. A single TCX file downloads

3) Delete your activities in Strava (or your new combined upload will fail as a duplicate)

  1. Load each of your affected Activities from the export steps
  2. Click – Actions (gear icon) and then Delete

4) Upload your combined TCX file

  2. Click Upload
  3. Done!

References – Strava Support Links


7 thoughts on “Combine Strava GPX or TCX files

  1. It wouldn’t work for me because I had a chunk of the run alreay in Strava. I ran 14 miles and my watch stopped at 8 and I had to restart. I wanted to paste the two runs together. Couldn’t do it because Strava recognized one part of the run…

  2. Problem I keep getting is if there’s any sort of distance gap between the two files being joined Strava just adds it in and assumes I must have ran it at something silly like 1 min/mile pace which ruins the whole run and also shows up as a big spike. Any way to stop that happening? I’ve tried every setting but it always does it (tcx or gpx).

  3. how to ensure strava/garmin only take moving time for the pace calculation as both file has a gap in time in between.

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