Dell Latitude 7400 Running Hot and Loud with Heat & Fan Issue

Intel Fan Heat Problem

Is your Dell Latitude laptop very hot and you hear the fan running loudly – but there’s no high CPU usage and nothing apparent causing the issue and it may randomly stop running hot and loud 1 – 8hrs from now? Yeah, me too.

The Issue –  Your laptop’s Intel CPU is deciding to run at maximum power for no reason, and may do so randomly, for long periods time draining the battery and highly annoying when working from home (did someone call the choppa??) if you’re not at work in a cube farm with high ambient noise levels to cover it.

The FixFirmware and BIOS updates + disable Turboboost & SpeedStep in the BIOS.

  1. Download and install Firmware Updates
  2. Download and install latest BIOS version
  3. After BIOS update – Enter the BIOS by pressing F12 at startup
  4. Disable Intel Speedstep
    1. BIOS > Settings > Performance > Intel SpeedStep (uncheck – disable)
  5. Enable C-States
    1. BIOS > Settings > Performance > C-States Control (check – enable)
  6. Disable Intel Turboboost:
    1. BIOS > Settings > Performance > Intel Turboboost (uncheck – disable)

Intel Fan Heat Problem
Intel Fan Heat Problem

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