Google Pixel Watch – Unmute Notifications on Phone

Want to hear audible text notifications on your phone while wearing your Google Pixel Watch? My phone happily lets me know I’m getting phone calls while wearing my watch but not text messages. Yes I may be of questionable intelligence but rumor is there may be 3 may be 4 other crazies like me out there!

Issue: Phone text notifications are silent while wearing Google Pixel Watch


  1. Launch the Google Pixel Watch app on your phone
  2. Tap Notifications
  3. Tap Mute Notifications (all the way at the bottom)
  4. In the Phone section
  5. Unmute Mute Notifications for the Phone (phone calls was already off for me)
  6. This allows text notifications to “ring/vibrate notifications on your phone while wearing the watch”

Unmute Notifications - Google Watch
Unmute Notifications – Google Watch

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