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  • New Bike Tire Wont Seat Evenly On The Rim – Soap!
    So I buy an excellent pair of Cyclocross tires – WTB Cross Boss 700 x 35c TCS Light Fast Roll Tire. I slap that new rubber on and pump it up. Hit the road and I’m like, this is gonna rock. Whaaat!? No. I’m […]
  • Notepad++ Backup or Migrate
    Notepad ++ is a great free IDE / Text Editor for coding, notes, uber clip board – copy/pasting text, ideas, code snippets, comparing file contents… It’s fast, lightweight and excellent for basic tasks. And thus you may have a lot of important stuff in […]
  • Get Yo Drum On
  • Dell Latitude 7400 Running Hot and Loud with Heat & Fan Issue
    Is your Dell Latitude laptop hot with the fan continuously running fast and loud for no apparent reason? When you check Task Manager  CPU utilization isn’t high as might be expected – no runaway processes that need to be killed.  Sure you have your […]
  • Install Video Driver Only – AMD Radeon Graphics Card
    Update!  AMD has added a Driver Only option to their Radeon install package. Nice! Thanks to William Cronk for the notice in the comments below!  Still no “driver only” option for your AMD Radeon card?  Continue reading below… Got me a shiny new AMD […]
  • Koken – How to Export Albums and Images to a new Gallery system
    With Koken no longer actively supported I needed to move to another Gallery management system but found it wasn’t possible due to how Koken stored Albums and images – in a completely random nonsensical method with no way to copy, migrate or otherwise export your galleries and files in a way that can be reconstructed into a new photo gallery system.
  • Linksys WUSB6300 AC1200 Won’t Connect After Windows Update
    Issue – Microsoft driver updates. After Windows Update your computer can’t connect to WiFI. No matter what you try –  your existing connection that was working before the reboot for Windows update, or a new network like a mobile phone hot spot. You can […]
  • Lenovo Laptop Display is Dim
    Issue: Your Lenovo Laptop or tablet display is often dim or dull at 100% maximum brightness in a low light situation, and you don’t have auto brightness turned on. Like Nigel you’re turning (punching!) the brightness key up to 11 but it ain’t happening. […]
  • Help! That God Damn Thing from Microsoft Office Is On The Screen Again!
    You’re happily typing along in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel or PowerPoint and this evil little thing comes from out of nowhere to hover over the text you want to manage and you can’t get rid of it! Heck yeah, that thing, that evil little […]
  • Laptop Display Brightness Too Dark In Low Light
    My Lenovo Yoga 920’s crisp and bright 4k display was often way to dim in low light situations. No problem right, just bump the brightness up from the default power settings while on battery right? F12, F12…. F12! Maybe this thing goes to 110% […]
  • Google Pixel 3 – Speed Up The Lag
    If your Google Pixel 3 or 3XL is feeling a bit slow you might try changing animation settings in developer mode and disabling Digital Wellbeing. Shortening the animation settings definitely makes all basic UI actions faster, whether you like it or not depends if […]
  • This PC can’t be upgraded to Windows 10 – driver or service that isn’t ready
    Issue: May Insider Update to 1903 won’t install: Feature update to Windows 10, version 1903 x64 2019-04. Windows Update shows “Updates available” but with a yellow exclamation mark, a status of “pending download” and the note “We found some issues. Select this message to […]
  • Indoor Cycling Training – Tacx Galaxia Rollers
    My good ol steel drum rollers up and blew apart after 22yrs of sweating in front of a fan, headphones cranking power tunes.  Not bad at all but time to shop for a new set of rollers to keep my indoor training rolling – […]
  • Spotify Volume Drops at Start of Song
    Issue: Spotify song volume starts crisp and loud then suddenly drops. Cause: This happens because Spotify decided you needed an Equalizer, made sure it sucked massively and that you didn’t know you had it. Disable the Equalizer Launch Spotify Access Your Library Settings Gear […]
  • Plantar Fasciitis – stretches for relief
    It struck like lightning, hurt like hell and would not go away. Plantar Fasciitis, it is not your friend. I tried a podiatrist. He doctored up my insoles and created an arch padded ankle sleeve to isolate and immobilize the arch. This helped reduce […]
  • One White Cat – Big Hand Shake
  • iPhone Upgrade Quick Start
    Do you want some hassle free phone migration when you upgrade? Yeah Apple iOS has that. Confirm your device is running the latest OS Backup your old phone to iCloud or iTunes Call to activate your number on new phone (transfer chip first if […]
  • Life Tip – convert text list to spreadsheet
    You know how someone gives you a list and you’re like oh man, it sure woulda been nice had they not gone and made a list in Word or email that’s nothing but text, separated by commas? Yeah that thing. So here’s what to […]
  • Useful WMIC Queries Computer Info
    I lookup a lot of computer serial numbers for warranty status and driver updates, WMIC via the command line is  quick and easy way to get that info. It’s below with a small collection of other potentially helpful WMIC queries. User SID: wmic useraccount […]
  • RSOP GPResult for User and Computer with Non Admin Account
    Issue: return a Resultant Set of Policy, RSOP, as a user without full local admin rights. Why is this an issue? User Context. To return full results for both Computer and User policies you have to run the command prompt with elevated Admin rights. And […]
  • Niagara Falls 2018
    Niagara Falls 2018 – Album
  • Add Gmail Account to Outlook 2016
    Adding a Gmail account to Outlook 2016 is quick and easy. The process requires two steps with Google: Enabling IMAP access and creating an app password which allows Outlook to access Gmail. Then a few quick and easy steps in Outlook – and boom […]
  • Lenovo Yoga PD Firmware Update Failure – CCG4 Two-Port USB C Controller
    Issue – Lenovo UCSI USB Type-C firmware upgrade failed. USB Type-C ports no longer work and I have a yellow exclamation mark on the UCSI USB Connector Manager in Device Manager. And that means… no more power to the battery. Which is about when you […]
  • How To Perform a Clean Install of Windows 10 – Fresh Start
    Everyone needs a fresh start now and again right? Clear out the carbon, shake up the cobwebs. yeah well it works for ones and zeros to. A fresh install of Windows!? If your computer seems to be running unusually slow, has crashing or startup/shutdown […]
  • Cannot Activate Lenovo Subscription for Microsoft Office 365 Home DM (AFOLB)
    You’ve purchased a Microsoft Office 365 subscription along with a new computer through Lenovo or another computer manufacturer. You’re enjoying the beautiful new computer and you fire up Microsoft Office so you can dive into the 1 terabyte storage plus apps that you purchased. […]
  • What’s the Best Browser?
    I’ve been using browsers since Mosiac (Marc Andreessen – NCSA, University of Illinois), AOL (whatever that was!), and Netscape (N*tscrape) were the champs. Then came IE (Internet Exploder), Mozilla Firefox (which started as Phoenix and Firebird) and Chrome (login, trust us!) and Opera (it’s faster!). […]
  • Switching to Firefox is easy
    Hello Firefox 57!  Yep I’ve made the switch from Google Chrome back to Firefox.  I’ve wanted to make the switch for a while and Mozilla’s latest release, Firefox Quantum, provided the motivation. Fast (really fast, like 2x as fast as their last version), light, […]
  • Naming Convention Defined
    Naming convention. Naming convention –  Something  you discuss again the next day.  
  • Convert Audio or Video File with VLC Media Player
    Issue: You possess an audio or video file that will not play on your favorite device or software. Solution: VLC Media Player! What is: VLC Media Player… other than awesome!? Download: VLC Media Player for Mac, PC or Mobile Steps to convert an audio or video […]
  • Look In Your Eyes – Big Handshake
  • Windows Phone – Startup Blue Screen of Death
    Issue:  Your Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile can’t get past a solid pale blue screen at startup. You’ve got the blue startup screen of death! Solutions:  Forced Restart, battery & SIM removal and re-seat, or a full reset (all […]