Install Video Driver Only – AMD Radeon Graphics Card

Got me a shiny new AMD Radeon video card and…

Issue: AMD doesn’t make individual drivers available for their video cards. The only way to get a driver for your AMD video card is by installing the complete AMD ADRENALIN software suite (did you know, with this software you can control your settings from a phone! Holy cow it has a NEWS FEEEED!!). When you install AMD “drivers” there is no custom option, there is no “select this software” option. No way to remove the junk and use just the driver. It’s the full Adrenalin Software suite or nothing. You need the driver, but you’re going to get a dumpster fire of useless crap along with it. Unless…

Solution: Start the installer, do not actually install! Then update the video hardware driver directly.

  1. Download “drivers” here:
  2. Unzip the download into the default folder C:\AMD……..
  3. Let the Install screen open but do not install
  4. Cancel the install
  5. Go to Device Manager
  6. Update Radeon Device from Local disc – C:\AMD\… “Search all folders”
  7. Boom – drivahs!
  8. No BS no, overhead, no sign in account tracking your info, no news feed… just you know, drivers.
  9. Delete  C:\AMD folder if you like (1.x gigs)

Downside – you gotta manually update following the above steps

amd radeon video how install driver only


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