Lenovo Yoga PD Firmware Update Failure – CCG4 Two-Port USB C Controller

Issue – Lenovo UCSI USB Type-C firmware upgrade failed. USB Type-C ports no longer work and I have a yellow exclamation mark on the UCSI USB Connector Manager in Device Manager. And that means… no more power to the battery. Which is about when you realize, this is a tech issue with a timer. You sir have 3hrs and 5minutes to prevent you’re shiny brand new bad ass laptop from becoming a shiny new expensive brick in a Fed-Ex box on it’s way to a Lenovo repair facility somewhere in Texas. Cause you know, USB has always been so reliable on the WinTel platform why wouldn’t you make it the power source.

How did we end up here? Because the satellite launch capable Lenovo Yoga 920 when running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update v1709 or later isn’t capable of USB-C output to any HDMI display. No external display on a TV or computer monitor unless you’ve fully powered off the laptop and performed a cold boot with all cables connected and even then it’s flaky. Have I mentioned how well USB works with Windows?  So yeah, Lenovo issued a firmware update that fixes the issue which is great, it just may occasionally go south.

Solution! – Press and hold the power button for 8 seconds. That’s it! (worked for me…). This forces a PD System reset and almost instantly started delivering power. Solution found in line 3.b of the firmware upgrade readme file:


Screenshots – firmware upgrade process, upgrade failure, UCSI USB Connector Manager error, and Lenovo Updater status


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