Uconnect Software Update – 8.4

Had a little updating to do for my 2014 Dodge Dart SXT Rallye – air the tires, check the oil and of course update the firmware. In this case updating the radio for improved performance and new features. It’s pretty easy – if you’re comfortable copying files onto a USB stick you’ve pretty much got it covered. Here’s a quick rundown of the steps with an official PDF link at the bottom along with shots of the software host.

How to – Uconnect Software Update

  1. Go here with your vehicle VIN#  –
  2. If an update is available you’ll see it – click “Get Started
  3. You can Click “Begin Tutorial” and… I’ll see you 20 clicks later, or…
  4. Here’s full PDF instructions from Chrysler – Uconnect 8.4 software update instructions
    or… Just hit the steps below!
  5. Go straight for the 37mb “Direct Download” file
  6. Extract the Uconnect Software update file – it will have a .KWI extension
  7. Copy the .kwi update file onto a freshly FAT32 formatted 4gb+ USB stick
  8. Put the USB stick in your car (back side of the middle console for my Dodge Dart)
  9. Turn car power “on” – but do not start the engine!
  10. Screen should display Old & New Software versions, if the new one is newer… tap YES!
    If you don’t see the USB stick and or software messages displayed – turn power off and then back on (without starting car!)
  11. Watch the progress bar go slowly from 0-100% (10+ minutes?)
  12. Once complete tap screen to reboot, leave the USB stick in.
  13. On restart confirm the old and new version numbers are the same. Should be!
  14. Tap NO to decline a second upgrade. If the radio asks for a passcode, turn power off.
  15. Turn key off and then start the car
  16. And that’s it – you just software updated yo car! a car :-P


3 thoughts on “Uconnect Software Update – 8.4

  1. good I have a problem with my 2014 grand cherkee I updated the uconnet and it only reaches 72% and then I designed this Sierra Sfter update ports are not coming, please remove USB device to reset and I do the proselyting again and I said the same when it was 72% and I don’t know if this could help me

  2. Buenas ise todos los pasos pero cuando se está actiualizando se para en 72 % y me dise que retire la memoria usb para resetear el dispositivo y lo ago de nuevo y me dise lo mismo no se q aser si pudieran ayudarme por favor

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