Microsoft O365 Outlook for Mac – Stops Receiving Email

Outlook O365 MacO365 Outlook  for Mac is a great program but as with most any app there are some issues. This particular issue is a bit over the top – crazy stupid, but also very easy to fix.

Issue – The Outlook for Mac client just stops receiving email. Like no email. Cold Turkey. None. Nada. And the mailman isn’t coming round no matter how many times your restart the app or computer.

Solution – Put your Outlook client in Offline mode and then switch back to Online mode. You Have Mail!

Seems not much has changed since Microsoft killed Outlook for Mac as an email client back back around 2000/2001 (not part of Office for Mac, and only worked with Exchange). Our Exchange/Sysadmin couldn’t get it setup so I did and we had a glorious few years of cross platform collaboration with calendars, contacts and more. Then Microsoft killed it and switched to Entourage which did not support Exchange, until they released a version with Web Services around 2004? Then came Outlook for Mac again in 2010 as part of Office for Mac 2011. Then Office for Mac with O365 was released in 2014 and.. here we are!






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