Google Pixel 3 – Speed Up The Lag

If your Google Pixel 3 or 3XL is feeling a bit slow you might try changing animation settings in developer mode and disabling Digital Wellbeing. Shortening the animation settings definitely makes all basic UI actions faster, whether you like it or not depends if you like slow and “smooth” or instant action. Disabling Wellbeing immediately made my phone smoother and faster. The relatively new Wellbeing feature may improve with updates from Google.

Change Animation settings – Enable Developer mode

  1. Open Settings > About Phone
  2. Tap the build number 7 times

Change Animation settings – shorten settings

  1. Settings > System > Advanced > Developer Options
  2. Scroll way down to the Drawing section
  3. Tap Window animation scale, change to .5x
  4. Tap Transition animation scale, change to .5x
  5. Tap Animator duration scale, change to .5x
  6. *to eliminate display animations completely – turn all the above to off

Disable Digital WellBeing

  1. Settings > Digital Wellbeing
  2. Tap the 3 dots at the top right
  3. Tap Turn off  usage access > open Settings
  4. Tap Digital Wellbeing
  5. Slide Permit usage access to Off


Change Animation Scale

Disable Wellbeing

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