poMMo Survives!

The excellent Mass Mail software poMMo has served me well on a couple of websites over the years. Unfortunately primary development ceased in 2008. That bit me recently when my web host moved to PHP 5.3 and poMMo started generating errors – set_magic_quotes_runtime() and Ajax errors. I was about to search for a replacement or even move to a service like Constant Contact which is excellent but a little pricey for small or non-profit sites. Then I stumbled across a link for the issue I was having (support for magic quotes) and viola – I had upgraded to a newly maintained version of poMMo within an hour.

pommoCheck it out here:  https://github.com/soonick/poMMo/wiki

For new Installs

  1. Download the new poMMo source here by clicking the ZIP icon (downloads the current repository as a single file)
  2. Follow the steps /docs/INSTALL  file

For upgrades – these are the steps I followed

  1. Prep steps
    1. Backup my existing poMMo database 
    2. Export all my existing poMMo subscribers and associated fields (860 in this case)
    3. Rename my current live poMMO folder > /pommo_OLD
    4. Download the new poMMo source here by clicking the ZIP icon (downloads the current repository s a single file)
    5. Extract the files to /pommo
  2. Upgrade your Database
    1. Use the code here:  /sql/upgrade.sql
    2. Change all occurrences of <prefix> to the correct prefix your database is using  (pommo_tablename)

    3. Change all occurrences of <username> with the user you will use to login
    4. Change all occurrences of <password> with the password you will use to login

  3. Install Steps
    1. FTP the entire contents from local to your server folder: /pommo
    2. Follow the steps in  /docs/INSTALL
  4. Login and test!

8 thoughts on “poMMo Survives!

  1. my maling is frozen, when i cancel de mailing it keeps saying: a mailing is currently processing view status.
    how can i reset this so that i can start a new mailing.

  2. Hai Pommo system is working fine. But could you please explain me how to send email contacts to my database table. Pommo is sending email to subsribe table email column. I just want to change that into my ‘register’ table email column.

  3. Great Fix! I too was a “victim” of my web host’s PHP upgrade. The upgrade was a good thing, but it crashed the outdated, original version of POMMO that I was using.

    I felt I should add a note regarding the updating of the data base. You will need a way to execute the code found in the /sql/upgrade.sql file, that is, after you’ve made the appropriate changes. I’ve taken the steps outlined above and added some additional instructions here below.

    For my website, I utilized a couple of features on my web host’s control panel. The first was a feature called Site Backup, which allowed me to create a backup copy of my database. After saving that backup copy to my desktop, I was able to open the database and find the necessary information needed to edit the /upgrade.sql file.

    The next feature I used on my web host’s control panel was phpMyAdmin. This allowed me to copy/paste the edited sql code and execute it to complete my database upgrade.

    2. Upgrade your Database

    A. Use the code here: /sql/upgrade.sql
    1) Find the file in the Pommo-Master (or root) directory.
    2) Open the file in Notepad (or some other editor).

    B. Change all occurrences of to the correct prefix your database is using (pommo_tablename)
    C. Change all occurrences of with the user you will use to login

    D. Change all occurrences of with the password you will use to login
    1) Now, save the file with changes you made.

    E. Log in to phpMyAdmin, select the appropriate database, then select the SQL tab (which allows you to run SQL query/queries on database), copy and paste the code from the /upgrade.sql file into the text box and click “Go”. Your database should now be updated.

    Thanks GFisk for this post! And, a great big thanks goes to Soonick at GitHub.com for taking the reigns on this project and keeping it relevant!

  4. I follow your Quick Install Instructions but the problem is still not working and i install the pommo http://www.fabnook.com/pommo
    Pls. help me to resolve this.


    Quick Install Instructions:
    1. Make sure your webhost meets the Minimal Requirements
    2. Download and extract the latest version of poMMo
    * This should create a directory named ‘pommo’ wherever you unpacked it. This is known as the poMMo Root.
    3. Create a MySQL database on your webserver for poMMo to use.
    4. Create (and edit) the config.php in your poMMo Root
    * Save the included config.sample.php (or the simplified config.simple.sample.php) as config.php.
    * Make sure the database name, host, and username/password match the values provided in config.php
    5. If you have not done so already, copy the entire contents of the poMMo Root to the directory you’d like poMMo to run from on your webserver.
    * You can use FTP to install poMMo on your webserver
    6. Make sure the webserver can write to the “cache” directory in the poMMo root.
    * This can be accomplished by setting permissions to “777” on a *nix system.
    7. Visit your poMMo installation in a web browser and complete the online install procedure.

  5. Yes, Yes and Yes PoMMo is working fine now.
    I also like email tracking, new feature.

    There may still be some bugs. Like groups issue and WYSIWYG HTML editor is old but at least it is working.

    Thumbs Up for this good effort!!!

  6. Well let me check if it works or not. If this is not going to work then I think, I am going to find a premium service like Constant contact which I really do not want to use. I use Pommo, alot of time in past. I hope help from this website is going to work. I will let you know guys…

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