Teams Meeting Add-in Disabled by Outlook

Are you suddenly unable to create a Teams meeting in Outlook? You no longer have the option to create a new Teams meeting in Calendar view? You’re not alone!

The general issue in play has long affected Outlook – At launch of Outlook you’re notified that Add-in XYZ is too slow, do you want to disable it? The Add-in in question took all of a half second to load but there’s red text on the screen. Sounds bad, better do that – I need to read email and go to meetings! Only later to realize later that you can no longer do ABC or XYZ. Hmmm, maybe you should have fully read that dialog (that no other app on the planet uses). Now it’s time to click around Outlook madly searching for your beloved Add-in that no longer works. Search the web, reboot (twice!), close and re-open Outlook 4 times… They let you disable the Add-in with a pop-up that you must interact with, but give zero clues how to re-enable it once you realize what you’ve done.  Getting desperate – better open a ticket, or call IT and blame patches demanding a rollback. C’mon, didn’t you know it’s a COM Add-in!? This time wasting cycle has been going on since, well… Outlook.

But! The current issue with Teams that started in early 2023 is bit different – Outlook isn’t detecting “slow” Add-ins and prompting you asking what to do. The current issue with Teams appears to happen randomly with no warnings or prompts, and only to Microsoft’s own Add-in for Microsoft Teams. Want to scheduled a meeting? Ha-Ha! not gonna happen.

The issue: You can’t create a Microsoft Teams meeting. Because… Microsoft Outlook has disabled Microsoft Teams due to “performance” issues.

Teams Workaround – Quick and easy

  1. Use the Calendar in Teams for creating or attending Teams meetings
  2. It works

Outlook Solution – Full Solution for Outlook

  1. Click File
  2. Click Manage COM Add-ins
    Teams Slow Disabled Com Add-Ins
  3. Expand Options
  4. Choose Do not monitor this add-in for the next 30 days
  5. Click Apply
  6. Click Close
  7. The Add-in should be back, if not – close and re-open Outlook
    Teams - Slow Disabled Add-In

More details about the issue and more options to resolve from – they state the issue should be solved in… the first half of 2023 (yeah I coughed too).

  • Can’t create a Teams Meeting in Outlook because the Teams Meeting add-in has become disabled
    “The Teams and Outlook Product teams are fixing issues that cause the Teams Meeting add-in to be disabled by Outlook for various performance reasons.  Immediate fixes are included in the latest builds and there is ongoing work to address this class of issue with code changes and instrumentation.  The ongoing work is expected to be completed in the first half of 2023.”



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