Add Gmail Account to Outlook for Microsoft 365

How to add your Gmail account to Outlook for Microsoft 365. The process has changed as of February 2023 and requires the latest version of Outlook for Microsoft 365. This process allows you to send and receive Gmail from your Outlook desktop client, manage Gmail contacts and Calendar.

-> Old Method for Outlook 2016 and 365 prior to 1/21/2023 – Add Gmail Account to Outlook 2016
-> WARNING 2/20/23 – DO NOT toggle the option for “New Outlook” with a Gmail account active  – Very bad things will happen, bad bad things as the “new Client” does not support Gmail “at this time” – 2/20/2023 new mail e1677243855308

Add Gmail Account to Outlook 365

  1. Launch Outlook for Microsoft 365 desktop client
  2. Click: File > Add Account
  3. Enter your @gmail email address and click Connect
  4. Enter your Gmail password
  5. If you have 2-factor authentication setup for Gmail you’ll be prompted to authenticate with your preferred method
    1. In the Google 2-Step Verification, confirm the Authentication to continue (Allow, responded from Phone….)
  6. Account successfully added message – click Done
  7. Gmail starts loading in Outlook!

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