Windows Movie Maker 2.6 – Windows 7

Movie Maker Stumped by limitations of Windows Movie Maker Live I went in search of an alternate free video editing program. Lo and behold I found an old friend.  Microsoft had stopped development of Windows Movie Maker after Windows Vista so I hadn’t used it in a few years. Microsoft had moved Movie Maker, Email, Messenger and Photo Gallery to a new web based collection of apps known as Windows Live Essentials. Windows Movie Maker Live may be good for bare bones basics – it’s a simplified (dumbed down) version of Movie Maker due to user feedback according to Microsoft. Movie Maker Live is good for quick and dirty work and for your great great grandma but as I found out it’s not capable of very simple tasks such as overlaying photos on top of an audio track. Windows Movie Maker Live lacks a Timeline which is a key element in any video editing software. So I went hunting for free video editing software and found Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for Vista or Windows 7! I downloaded and installed on Windows 7 SP1 with no issues and was back in business with basic editing capabilities. Yee-haw!

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