Lenovo Laptop Display is Dim

Issue: Your Lenovo Laptop or tablet display is often dim or dull at 100% maximum brightness in a low light situation, and you don’t have auto brightness turned on. Like Nigel you’re turning (punching!) the brightness key up to 11 but it ain’t happening.

Cause: Lenovo Vantage color temperature setting or Windows 10 Brightness settings. The Lenovo Vantage app has settings to manage brightness that aren’t available via the normal Windows display controls and Windows 10 System brightness settings… seem to get confused, possibly by Lenovo Vantage.  

Solution – Lenovo Vantage (if installed)
Disable color temperature

  1. Launch Lenovo Vantage
  2. In Settings: Device > My Device Settings > Display and Camera > Display  > Daytime Color Temperature 
  3. Disable color temperature

Solution – Systems Settings
Turn Automatic Brightness On, and then Off
OS version: 1809 (17763.529)

  1. Go to: Settings > Display Brightness and Color
  2. Turn On this setting (yes on): Change brightness automatically when lighting changes
    • When I turned On Auto Brightness the display, already set to 100% brightness, got brighter. If anything it should have gotten darker in a dark room.
  3. Now turn Automatic Brightness back Off
    • Yes! Now we have light with full 100% brightness!  By… changing the brightness settings back to what it was – off.

This Auto Brightness setting was set to Off but was really On. So I turned it On, then turned it Off. Now it’s off, for now…Lenovo Laptop Display is Dim



2 thoughts on “Lenovo Laptop Display is Dim

  1. I clicked on the link to download. You have no control. The uddy thing says ‘you now own this app’ (lenovo advantage) . I click install and instead of it showing my lenovo, it just shows my alienware and want to install it on that laptop. Why can’t I just download the app like in the past and install it myself? Once it downloads you can’t go back. This is idiotic. Just give us a link to install it myself onto my lenovo not the alienware

    1. You can’t install this Lenovo utility on a Dell Alienware and expect it to work. Dell has their own support assistant that has similar functionality.

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