Unlock FN Function keys on Dell Latitude Laptops

Dell Latitude laptops – I never understood why laptop keyboards default to the F1-F12 keys of which, admit it, you’ve only ever used 2 maybe 3 tops  but you did need to use volume, brightness, keyboard backlight, print screen and more about 8.2 million times. And I thank Dell for changing the default user experience to the expected and most useful behavior. But not so much for the secret keys to change it.

The issue: So if you for some reason like me, end up with clearly someone else… using your keyboard and… someone else somehow changing your FN keys back to 1986 then you may need to know how to flip it back, undo what that other person did…

The Fix: No! You do not need to close your 42 open app windows, restart and press F12 madly to get into the BIOS and make changes.

The Fix: Yes! Simply press FN + ESC. This activates Function Key Lock. Expected behavior achieved!


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