Unlock FN Function keys on Dell Latitude Laptops

Dell Latitude laptops – I never understood why laptop keyboards default to the F1-F12 keys of which, admit it, you’ve only ever used 2 maybe 3 tops  but you did need to use volume, brightness, keyboard backlight, print screen and more about 8.2 million times? And I thank Dell for changing the default user experience to the expected and most useful behavior. But not so much for the secret keys to change it…

The issue: So if you for some reason like me, end up with clearly someone else… inadvertently reverting your laptop keyboard back to fn keys through some mystery key combination.

The Fix: No! You do not need to close your 42 open app windows, restart and stab at F12 madly to get into the BIOS and make changes.

The Fix: Yes! Simply press FN + ESC. This activates Function Key Lock. Expected behavior achieved!


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