Adrian Belew – Guitar Virtuoso

Adrian Belew was playing in bar & cover bands going seemingly nowhere and hitting thirty. Then Frank Zappa’s limo driver was asked for a live music destination in Nashville. They were covering the stones when Frank tuned in, stayed and made Adrian an offer.  Playing for Zappa opened doors and provided music industry schooling. From there Adrian played with Bowie and Eno. Then met David Byrne while touring with Bowie and ended up with the Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club. Then on to King Krimson, The Bears and recently with the Power Trio and Nine Inch Nails. The guitar virtuoso from Covington, KY coming to you all thanks to a limo driver…


One thought on “Adrian Belew – Guitar Virtuoso

  1. I saw Bowie two nights in a row in 1978 at Bingley Hall in Stafford, England. Belew was amazing–a revelation. In addition to his incredible playing, I’ve never seen anybody have such a great time on stage. He virtually stole the show–from David Bowie. I’ll never forget it.

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