Adrian Belew – Guitar Virtuoso

Adrian Belew was playing in bar with cover bands seemingly going nowhere and hitting thirty. Then Frank Zappa’s limo driver was asked for a good live music destination in Nashville. Adrian’s band was covering the Stones when Frank tuned in, he stayed and made Adrian an offer. Playing for Zappa opened doors and provided music industry schooling. Adrian Belew auditions for Frank Zappa – link. From there Adrian played with David Bowie and Brian Eno. Then met David Byrne while touring with Bowie and ended up with the Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club. Then on to King Crimson, The Bears, and recently with the Power Trio and Nine Inch Nails. The guitar virtuoso from Covington, KY coming to you all thanks to a limo driver…

I’ve seen Adrian live three times: 1983 at a loft party in downtown Muncie Indiana, I believe he was friends with the professor who lived there.  Adrian showed up, setup an amp and started making crazy sounds (Lone Rhino era). I was into punk and had no idea who this was or what was happening.  When finished and socializing Adrian dropped a stack of Whirlwind business cards out of his pocket that landed at my feet. I tapped his shoulder to return them, he handed back a signed card (pic below).  Wasn’t long till I purchased Twang Bar King which got constant play in my Walkman for over a year. 1987 at Jakes bar in Bloomington Indiana with The Bears, an excellent pop-rock band who put on a great show – see the shot below. I have more but it’s on film and somewhere in basement to someday be found by archeologists. And most recently in 2019 at the Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL with my wife and son. Amazing band of talented musicians on the Pop Sided tour – guitarist & vocalist Adrian Belew, drummer Jordan Perlson, guitarist & keyboardist and vocalist Saul Zonana, and bassist Julie Slick, at an amazing venue. Great jams and a great night.


Videos from the Pop Sided tour – 4.4.2019 Chicago

Adrian Belew – Bowie Song into City of Tiny Lights by “Frank Zappa”- Live 2019

Adrian Belew – Massive Jam – Live 2019

Adrian Belew – Matte Kudasai, King Crimson – Live 2019

Adrian Belew – Things that go crunch – Live 2019

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  1. I saw Bowie two nights in a row in 1978 at Bingley Hall in Stafford, England. Belew was amazing–a revelation. In addition to his incredible playing, I’ve never seen anybody have such a great time on stage. He virtually stole the show–from David Bowie. I’ll never forget it.

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