Laptop Display Brightness Too Dark In Low Light

My Lenovo Yoga 920’s crisp and bright 4k display was often way to dim in low light situations. No problem right, just bump the brightness up from the default power settings while on battery right? F12, F12…. F12! Maybe this thing goes to 110% Brightness? Like someone who repeatedly pushes the elevator button to make it arrive faster I repeatedly stab the F12 brightness button. Make it Brightaa!!! Or not. So I checked brightness settings, display settings, power settings… and the Brightness and Color setting “change brightness automatically when lighting changes” which was not enabled. So one one might expect full brightness at all times when set to 100%. Or not. Then I found the fix – turn it On in order to make it go Off.  This may be unique but hey it’s a binary switch so….

OS version: 1809 (17763.529)

Issue: Laptop display is often dim or dull at maximum 100% brightness in a low light situation.

Solution: Turn Automatic Brightness On and then Off

  1. Go to: Settings > Display Brightness and Color
  2. Turn On this setting (yes on): Change brightness automatically when lighting changes
    • When I turned On Auto Brightness in a dark room the already 100% brightness display got brighter, but should have gotten darker.
  3. Now turn Automatic Brightness back Off
    • Yes! Now we have light!  By… putting the setting back to where it started.

This setting was Off but was really On. So I turned it On, then Off. Now it’s off.
brightness auto

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