Koken – How to Export Albums and Images

Koken photography content management system is great. Koken photo management system is dead. Long live Koken. And my quest for a Photo Gallery system that doesn’t die goes on…

With Koken no longer actively supported I needed to move to another Gallery management system but found it wasn’t possible due to how Koken stored Albums and images – in a completely random nonsensical method with no way to copy, migrate or otherwise export your galleries and files in a way that can be reconstructed into a new photo gallery system. And that new system for me is – the X3 Photo Gallery Website.

Toine Kuiper from repiuk.nl to the rescue! Toine had a Koken export script posted that addressed the issue directly by creating Gallery based folders containing all the images for the gallery. Yes!! But… it wasn’t a fully functional script. I played with it for a few weeks but couldn’t get past creating a database connection, queries and PHP function errors. I reached out to Toine and he immediately assisted with creating a PDO SQL connection, helping address my errors and an error or two in the code. I cleaned it up and commented the code and within an afternoon of emails we had a fully functional script. Yes yes yesssss! I now had a full usable export of 99 galleries containing 5,884 images weighing in at 1.8 gigabytes.  Without this script I would be recreating it all from scratch. If you want to move from Koken, give it a go! Thanks Toine!!

The script with documentation – Koken export original images
(the website appears to be offline as of 09/30/20 – check below for the scripts)


Koken – Script to export all Images and Albums

Zip file contains two scripts – Test Print file that outputs what it will do on screen as a dry run, then the export script which does it for real. Instructions and details for both files are in the comments at the top of each file.

Koken - Export Images and Albums


3 thoughts on “Koken – How to Export Albums and Images

  1. HI, we have a Koken instance that we need to migrate away from. Do you know if that script is still available somewhere?

    1. Hi Pierrick

      I have been looking for a solution on how to get out of Koken for 6 months, I have been studying so many photo CMS, I am a little difficult but need I have narrowed it down to half a dozen systems now, including Piwigo. It’s funny I see your post today cuz I just deleted Piwigo from my list as I did not get ONE answer for Piwigo since 2 weeks now that I have been trying to contact them through Twitter, Piwigo.org and Piwigo.com….
      I was looking forward to using a European product ( I live in Paris) but looks like customer relations is not Piwigo’s top feature. And I need a tool I can rely on, even if I need to pay a price for it. too bad…

      Anyway… first… find the lost script :-)

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