Kodak Sheet Film Code Notches

Code Notches for KODAK Sheet Films

Found this great document when trying to determine the film type from 1995 my Ektachrome business cards. I created the cards in Corel Paint (had layers before Photoshop!) and output them from a Gateway PC to an 8×10 Management Graphics sheet film scanner shooting onto Kodak Ektachrome 100 plus. Interesting as my prior job was processing sheet film at Gamma Photo Labs. People would accept them and as they were about to file them like all others, their face would do a WTF! Great conversation starter, but I still ended up in another line of work…

Hit the link to the – Kodak document here

Kodak sheet films have a notch or a group of notches on one edge of each sheet. These notches serve two purposes: They indicate the film type and help you to identify the emulsion side quickly. When the notch is at the top right edge of the sheet, the emulsion side faces you.

Click here to view PDF File – Code Notches for KODAK Sheet Films

  • KODAK Color Negative and Print Films for Process C-41
  • PORTRA 160NC
  • PORTRA 160VC
  • PORTRA 400NC
  • PORTRA 100T
  • KODAK Color Transparency Films for Process E-6
  • Professional / EPR
  • Professional / EPN
  • EKTACHROME 100 Plus
  • Professional / EPP
  • Professional / EPY
  • EKTACHROME Duplicating
  • EKTACHROME Electronic
  • Output 100
  • EKTACHROME Electronic
  • Output 64T

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