Dreamweaver crashes when selecting code


Running Dreamweaver CS3 on Windows 7 64bit I ran into the following issue in Code View with a specific file: placing the cursor anywhere in the code would cause Dreamweaver to instantly crash. The issue originated after adding a PHP while loop to generate a series of option values in a form. Remove the loop and the page was fine, no crash while editing, add the loop back and instant crash as soon as I highlighted text. At wits end I did a literal Google query: “dreamweaver php form select crash” and what do you know the first link held the answer! Marius Andreiana from the Adobe Forums Support team posted the basic steps which I’ve modified a bit and updated the default user path for Windows 7.

Issue: Dreamweaver crashes when selecting code

Solution: Delete WinFileCache*.dat from user profile

  1. Close Dreamweaver
  2. Set your clock to the correct time if it isn’t already so (not necessary in my case)
  3. Navigate to: C:\users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver 9\Configuration
  4. Delete WinFileCache-xxxxxxx.dat
  5. Launch Dreamweaver

Note: WinFileCache*.dat can be the source of other Dreamweaver CS3, CS4 and CS5 issues:
Dreamweaver JavaScript crashes – Adobe kb405604
Dreamweaver crashes on start up – Adobe Forums post by David Powers

WinFileCach.dat location and file (Windows 7)
Dreamweaver WinFileCache.dat

Dreamweaver Crashing…
Dreamweaver Crash

ColdFusion redirect – cflocation

Adobe ColdFusion

Adobe ColdFusionI had to change the domain of a longstanding ColdFusion site with hundreds of pages. With .htaccess on an Apache Linux host this is easy and well documented. With ColdFusion on IIS when you are not a full administrator of the IIS server…. not so much.  My searches found post after post with the same instruction, how to redirect an individual page or an entire domain to one single new URL. Whaaatttt!? Why you no care about your customers and visitors!

Adobe cflocation doc – not exactly chocked full of details

Google returns a lot of sites with the simple but not very helpful nuclear option:

<cfheader statuscode="301" statustext="Moved permanently">
<cfheader name="Location" value="http://www.newlocation.com">

Then I found a rare post on Katzwebservices with details on how to redirect a single page, prefix all pages with www or  https and how to properly redirect an entire website:

The Author of the code gives a shout to Ben Nadel and can be found in the comments here:

I used the code there and ended up with the below to redirect all pages from an existing site and forums on domainA to domainB. Google picked it up within 2 days and all pages are now listed with domainB.com. Thank you Ben Zadel and  Zack Katz!

<!--- If site is www.domainA.com --->
<cfif (CGI.SERVER_NAME EQ "www.domainA.com")>
<!--- Save the URL (and $_GET variables too) as the string 'strUrl' --->
<cfset strUrl = CGI.script_name & "?" & CGI.query_string />
<!--- Use 301 for SEO-friendly redirects --->
<cfheader statuscode="301" statustext="Moved permanently">
<!--- Redirect to new website (this case, added www.) with strUrl added on --->
<cfheader name="Location" value="http://www.domainB.com#strUrl#">
<!--- If site is domainA.com --->
<cfif (CGI.SERVER_NAME EQ "domainA.com")>
<cfset strUrl = CGI.script_name & "?" & CGI.query_string />
<cfheader statuscode="301" statustext="Moved permanently">
<cfheader name="Location" value="http://www.domainB.com#strUrl#">