Beer in a can and twistys too…

Dales Pale AleI was indoctrinated into thee land of non crappy mass consumption beer during my college days at a certain Midwest university. Around 1986 or so we were one of only two towns in the nation stocking Samuel Smiths on the shelf and with Sunday morning Beer, Wine and egg Merchant du Vin meetings.

We developed standards. Basic standards like if beer is in a can pass it to the guy with the Miller Lite cap and Marlboro jacket so he can savor the soapy water flavor before crushing it on his forehead. And if the beer has a twist off top on a bottle hand it to the guy howling Hank Jr. lyrics by the campfire as he’ll enjoy the fine artificial fire brewed flavor before smashing the bottle for emphasis as he lets out a rebel yell. Yes we may have participated and even possibly enjoyed these acts but we had elevated our intoxicant delivery standards!

Well recent exposure seems to show that the beer rivers they are a changing. Crazy kids today are canning beer. Good beer. Damn good beer. In a can! And they’re bottling it with twist offs as well. The nerve! How the heck is an elitist supposed to look down their nose when the lines in the sand have been filled with fine hops and barley? Damn kids, they’re on about making good beer for the masses. Well I guess I’ll just have to tip my tin can in their general direction…

Beer in a can, 16 ounces! – CynicAle and Bender are very very tasty.

Dales Pale Ale, in a can… had my first taste in Aspen Colorado and it beat the living crap outta the IPA I had from a fancy Boulder Brew pub (Walnut Street Brewery).

Several very good beers, with a twist top! (ack!)