Going to California – With a few iPads

Photo log of a two week trip to deploy our 8th grade Algebra book on iPads. 400 devices deployed for a one year pilot in Riverside, Fresno, Long Beach and San Francisco. First ever Algebra book on a mobile device. I left my family on a holiday for the two week trip. Started media events in Long Beach and Riverside. Traveled to San Francisco for the media event there which was almost overshadowed by a horrible residential gas line explosion. I spent 9 days in San Francisco and managed to take a day off in this wonderful city and had an incredible bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge and out to Bonita Point.

Click forphoto gallery of the trip
iPadsBike RideNo Bikes

Cult of Mac news article about the deploymentCalifornia Schools Replace Math Textbooks with iPads
California Schools Replace Math Textbooks with iPads

Bike triprode 25 miles on my off day. Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Point Bonita Lighthouse…
Golden Gate Ride

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