SCAM Alert – DNS Services from Vancouver Wa.

Scam alert – DNS Services from Vancouver Washington are sending out solicitations for business disguised as an invoice. Two small businesses I work with received the “invoice” and were fortunate enough to have caught and questioned it’s legitimacy.

DO NOT act on this invoice. You nor anyone related to your business, website or hosting company have requested these fake services nor have any need for them: “Managed DNS Backup Business Services”, “DNS Failover for 5 A Records” and “REST API Access”.

Unfortunately mail law allows this type of unscrupulous activity due to the “this is a solicitation…” disclaimer buried in the middle of the invoice. How that counterbalances “Due Upon Receipt” is beyond me. How many businesses and unsuspecting individuals have fallen victim to this scam? I cannot wish enough flat tires, stubbed toes, late night hang up calls nor small swarms of angry bees upon anyone who would engage in such activities.

Contact the Vancouver Washington BBB to report these scammers at

A few handy reviews of DNS Services 

Take this “Invoice” straight to the recycling bin!

DNS Services - Vancouver, Wa - Scam
Scam Alert – DNS Services from Vancouver Washington

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