Windows Phone – Stop Facebook Birthday Reminders

Social Media integration on Windows Phone is excellent but can have some downsides. One issue I’ve experienced and heard others note is due to Facebook integration.

During installation of the Facebook app you’re asked to connect FB with your phone. This integrates Facebook with your People hub, calendar, photos, allows for FaceBook photos on the lock screen etc. This is an excellent Windows Phone feature but… the down side can be a lot, A LOT of Birthday reminders cluttering up your calendar and popping up reminders left and right.

Here are two ways to disable Facebook birthday reminders.

Disable Facebook Birthday Reminders

  1. Open your Windows Phone Calendar
  2. Open the Calendar options (three dots at lower right)
  3. Settings
  4. Uncheck Birthdays under Facebook

Disable all Birthday Reminders

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Log into the Microsoft Account used to setup your Phone
  3. Go to your Calendar
  4. Click the Gear icon at top right
  5. Uncheck Birthday Calendar

2 thoughts on “Windows Phone – Stop Facebook Birthday Reminders

  1. Thanks a lot! I got winshit phone from my employer. I really cannot decide if they really hate me or not.

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