Realtek Audio Driver install loop Windows 10

Issue: Your manufacturer supplied Realtek Audio Drivers for Windows 10 will not install – Lenovo, HP, Asus etc… The Realtek installer removes the existing generic drivers installed by Windows Update and requests a reboot before proceeding. Upon reboot the Realtek installer pops back up and starts to uninstall the Microsoft supplied generic Driver again. Rinse lather repeat ad infintum until you give up. The issue appears to be Windows 10 is re-installing the driver faster than Realtek can.  The end result is potentially poor  sound quality – such as not being able to pick or disable Audio Enhancements despite (poor) audio quality clearly caused by Audio Enhancements.

Solution: Go to Device Manager and uninstall the device + delete the drivers. Then before rebooting run the Realtek Audio installer and reboot.

Drivers: Download the latest Realtek Audio driver – here.  Or get the latest drivers from your system/motherboard manufacturer’s website.

If you still have Sound Problems

  • Try the Microsoft Audio troubleshooter via download or manually
  • Manually: select the Start button, type Troubleshooting, and then select Troubleshooting from the list of results. Under Hardware and Sound, select Troubleshoot audio playback.


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