Paint.Net – Free Image and Photo editor


Paint.Net is an excellent free image editing program for Windows. Released in 2004 as a school project the program has grown steadily over the years into an excellent mid-range image editing program supporting layers, effects, transparency and more. It’s what I use for creating documentation, basic web graphics and quick basic image editing. Perfect when Microsoft Paint isn’t enough and Photoshop is too much. Did we mention it’s free software?




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Gallery 3 – Online photo organizer


GalleryGallery 3 is an excellent Open Source photo management and organizing tool. If you like to manage your photos on your website then G3 may be for you. Check out my Photo Gallery for an example!

About Gallery 3

Gallery 3 User Guide

Gallery 3 Modules

Gallery 3 – Tips and tricks

Speed tips and tricks
See this thread in the Gallery Forums
Use Gallery settings in: application/config/config.php + .htaccess for header expires + CSSMin to cleanup CSS files.

SEO Optimization
Improve URLs, pagination links, pages titles and more

Breadcrumb length
G3 trims breadcrumbs to 15 characters.  To change, edit the following:
Admin -> Settings -> Advanced -> Module = Gallery,  Name = visible_title_length

Slideshow – Add text link to Slideshow icon
This method exposes the already existing “View SlideShow” text, you only need modify CSS as below. Another method would be to replace the ico completely by uploading your own.
Gallery  View Slideshow

Edit File: theme/css/screen.css
#g-view-menu a {
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: 10% 50%;
height: 28px !important;
/* width:43px !important; */ }
#g-view-menu #g-slideshow-link {
background-image: url('../images/ico-view-slideshow.png');
width:134px; !important;

Replace existing “Full sized” (source) image with different image
I’m not aware of how to upload a different Full Sized image in G3 without rebuilding all images for the entire site after you upload, if you know how let me know!

  1. Replace your existing source image using FTP /gallery/var/albums/*album-name*/*image*
  2. Use phpMyAdmin to access your G3 database
  3. Browse to ‘g3items’
  4. Find you image. I used a SQL search for the Slug field:[sql]SELECT * FROM `g3items` WHERE slug="Your-image-title" [/sql]
  5. Click the edit (pencil) icon
  6. Set the Height and Width attributes to your new image size.

Full sized images – disable
By default Gallery 3 re-sizes your uploaded images as defined in your theme settings. All images then link to the “fullsize” original upload.  There is also an icon which links to the full sized image. Many like myself optimize images locally, upload and only want that version available. Here’s how.

Method one:  Deny access to unregistered users, still uses server optimized/resized images.
Album Options -> Permissions -> uncheck “View Full Size” for “Everyone”

Method two: Remove fullsize links, options and display images you’ve optimized in Photoshop or other dedicated pixel management tools.

  1. Re-sized image – you no longer need the re-sized image that Gallery auto creates with every upload. This step is not required but will save upload time and disk space.
    Go to: Appearance > Theme Options > Resized image size > set the size to 1.
  2. photo.html.php
    – Remove JavaScript and IF statement lines 3 to 26.
    – Replace all code within g-photo DIV with the following – removing all FullSize code and calling your image directly not a resized version from /var/resizes/

    <?php defined("SYSPATH") or die("No direct script access.") ?>
    <div id="g-item">
    <?= $theme->photo_top() ?>
    <div id="g-photo"><img src="<?= $item->file_url() ?>" alt="<?= $item->title ?>" class="g-resize" width="<?= $item->width ?>" height="<?= $item->height ?>" /></div>
    <div id="g-box" style="width:<?= $item->width ?>px;">
    <div id="g-info">
    <h3><?= html::purify($item->title) ?></h3>
    <div><?= nl2br(html::purify($item->description)) ?></div>
    <?= $theme->paginator() ?>
    <div id="g-view-menu" class="g-buttonset ui-helper-clearfix">
    <? if ($page_subtype == "photo") : ?>
    <?= $theme->photo_menu() ?>
    <? endif ?>
    <?= $theme->photo_bottom() ?>
  3. screen.css – set icon display to none on line 840
    #g-view-menu .g-fullsize-link {display:none;}