Going to California – on a big jet plane…

Tour De California

iPad - first look

Oakland - Party!

No Bikes

Photo log of a two week trip to deploy our 8th grade Algebra book on iPads. 400 devices deployed for a one year pilot in Riverside, Fresno, Long Beach and San Francisco. First ever Algebra book on a mobile device.

I Left my family on a holiday for the two week trip. Started media events in Long Beach and Riverside. Traveled to San Francisco for the media event there which was almost overshadowed by a horrible residential gas line explosion. I spent 9 days in San Francisco and managed to take a day off in this wonderful city and had an incredible bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge and out to Bonita Point.

Click here to check my iPhone 4 photo log of the trip

Click here for news articles about the deployment

Bike trip – rode 25 miles on my off day
Less than 6hrs off finishing my evening with the green gator on the left… I rode from Golden Gate Park, over Golden Gate Bridge to Point Bonita Lighthouse and back. 4.5hrs of beautiful riding.