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So you’ve gone through the steps to create  Brands for your CS-Cart 4 store. How do you link to them like the CS-Cart Demo store?

The key is to find the filter ID you wish to view and place it at the end of the URL above

  1. Navigate to your Product Filters: Products > Filters > Brands
  2. Mouse over the link and observe the ID in the URL  (this does not work in most modern browsers)
  3. View the page source code and search for “manage_filters_list”
  4. Find your filter – the number at the end “opener_group”  is the ID you want
    <a class=”row-status cm-external-click ” data-ca-external-click-id=”opener_group3″>Brand</a>
  5. The URL for the above Brand filter will be:

Unfortunately this view does not have an SEO friendly URL I can find. If you know how please leave a comment!

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