Annoying Dialog Boxes From Hell

Adobe Flash
Thanks Adobe and McAfee but I already have the full McAfee suite installed, can’t wait to see how fast my computer is with two McAfee apps running…

Adobe Flash Update - Mcafee
Adobe Flash Update – McAfee

Java – Ask Search App
Dear Larry E – you’re one of the richest people in da world, why are you sticking us with this junkware? The Ask Search App aka “Toolbar” hijacks all of your browser homepages, your default search engines and add’s browser components to all installed browsers. None of this is removed when you “uninstall” the Ask “Toolbar” application. Because… we all need more toolbars and personal info collecting browser add-ons!

Dialog Box - Java installs the Ask Toolbar
Java installs Ask Toolbar



Apple iCloud
On the surface this looks harmless enough but look again. Someone in Dialog Boxes From Hell got a gold medal here – The dialog box title asks a Yes/No question “Install the iCloud Conrol Panel?”.  But the only options presented are yes (download control panel), or be remind me to say yes (Remind me later). I solved this one by uninstalling iTunes, free at last!

Dialog Box - iCloud options... not!
Dialog Box – iCloud options… not!



Epson Printer dialog
Epson fail – every single time you print Epson hits the internet to pull down adds, ink prices and in this dialog box they’re busted in action pulling down a Web Analytics script for whatever purposes they deemed fit. Dear Epson you already have my money, I just want to print!

Dialog Box - Epson fail
Dialog Box – Epson fail



Microsoft Office 365 – Password
Easy there hoss, we know it’s 2014 but we don’t want those passwords protecting your digital life to be hard to crack. This is Microsoft Office 365 not allowing a space in my password.

Dialog Box - Office 365 Doesn't allow spaces in password
Dialog Box – Office 365 Doesn’t allow spaces in password


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