Asus Zenbook Crash After Sleep – Kernel Power Event ID 41

Issue: Asus Zenbook crashes, blue screens or unexpectedly shuts down shortly after waking up from sleep mode.  This has been reported since the release of the Asus Zenbook and apparently Asus has yet to acknowledge the issue. My query to Asus Support after experiencing 4 crashes in two weeks went unanswered. BIOS updates, driver updates…. nothing seems to help anyone resolve the issue except the two processes below. A shame as it’s tarnishing what is otherwise an impressive ultrabook. See this thread for a long discussion of the issue: Zenbook Prime and the Unexpected Shutdown Problem

Here’s a crash  that happened about 1 minute after coming out of sleep mode as logged by Windows 8. You can browse for these events in Event Viewer and search for Event ID 41.

Asus Zenbook - Event ID 41 - Crash after sleep mode

Log Name: System
Source:  Kernel-Power
Event ID: 41
Task Category: (63)
Level: Critical

Description: The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.

Solutions – Two solutions: choose the first if you’re not comfortable opening a laptop case. Choose the second if you’re fine with opening the case and want a permanent solution with no drawbacks. The second option takes about 10 minutes mostly for the case screws.

Solution #1 – Change all “Sleep” Power Options to “Hibernate”.
This option solved the problem immediately but means a longer delay waking the computer from Hibernation vs Sleep mode thus nullifying the advantage of rapid wake from the SSD Hybrid disk.

  1. Search (Windows key + W in Windows 8) for “Power Options”
  2. Change “Choose what closing the lid does” to “Hibernate”
  3. Change “Choose what the power button does” to “Shut down” or “Hibernate”
  4. Edit “Power Plan” options” to ensure sleep is set to never

Solution #2 – Unplug the battery connector from the motherboard and reconnect
This option solves the issue and allows use for Sleep mode without crashing.

  1. Acquire Torx #5 screwdirver – buy at  Home Depot for $6Amazon for $6-12
  2. Power off the system, disconnect power
  3. Open case by removing all twelve T5 screws
  4. Locate the battery connector cable – front left middle
  5. Carefully lift the right side tab and disengage the connector
  6. Reseat the connector starting left to right
  7. Gently press down to complete and confirm a proper connection
  8. Power the system backup

8 thoughts on “Asus Zenbook Crash After Sleep – Kernel Power Event ID 41

  1. Wow… almost 10 years later, I decided to resurrect an old, but still functional Asus Zenbook UX31E. Newly formatted, installed Windows 10 64-bit… and the dreaded battery issue started happening. Only when on battery, the computer would shut down/turn off, and couldn’t be turned back on again unless plugged in. Battery had lots of juice…

    I went the hardware route, bought a T-5 Torx screwdriver at Lowes, opened the case and removed the battery connector. Waited five minutes and reconnected. Magic. It works!


  2. The disconnect solution works, but there is a better solution.
    Try emptying the battery, just use your computer until when it can not open then plug it in and probably problem solved, for me at least.

  3. I have UX305 and if not every time then nearly every time it I’m waking it from hibernation th graphics are garbled.

    The display changes from garbled to the picture it should be showing at random sub-second intervals. It’s nearly impossible (and not to say frustrating) to log back in and save my work just to reboot which fixed graphics.

    Luckily, this thing is still under guarantee and I’m not the one who is going to open this one up as there’s plenty of ways to screw it up ie. with static electricity.

    After all, if it wasn’t for guarantee, I’d propably open it up myself after I’d bought gear to take care of static electricity…

  4. This was awesome!!!
    My ux21e crashed every time I pulled the power cord, and never made it below 60% battery. I had tried everything but only the battery trick fixed my laptop. Now it’s 100% solid!!!! Thank you very much!
    (I also disconnected the auxiliary/bios battery, just to be sure)

  5. Hi, I’ve had my ASUS Zenbook ux31e win 7 for 2 years now, and recently for the first time the battery went completely flat and the system thus shut off. When I reboot it it opens with windows and my desktop, and then the screen becomes black (but you can still alt+tab), when woken from sleep mode it is completely black and no response. I am not afraid to open the case since my warranty is probably long expired, but will it solve my problem? I don’t want to send it to ASUS for repairs because in my country ASUS repairs are not up to standard. (a few friend complained about it). I had no trouble with this awesome ultrabook untill now and I hope it can be fixed this easily. Thanks beforehand

  6. Thanks for this post! I am having this problem with the Zenbook I bought in December. My question is this: Why would the second solution (disconnecting the battery from the motherboard, and then reconnecting it) actually work? I don’t understand what the point of doing that would be. Also, I’m concerned about voiding my warranty. Thanks again…

  7. I have the same problem sometimes (not always), but I noticed it only happens when an external monitor is attached using the VGA output. Whenever this adapter is removed before “sleep-mode”, the problem doesn’t occur after wake-up. As a workaround now, I’ll de-attach the external monitor, but this is not a permanent solution I hope.

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