Block Application Advertisements with Windows Firewall

Do you have an application or service that subjects you to advertisements, annoying slow and ugly advertisements within a product you’ve already paid for? Yeah me too. It really started when my Epson printer would display HTML errors as it tried to reach a non-existent advertising webpage. I’ll demonstrate how to block such unwanted activity below using Cyberlink Video Editing and Epson Printer Status Monitor. Here’s one of several Cyberlink forum discussions about advertisements and how to remove – Cyberlink Remove Advertisements

Issue – unwanted in app advertisements.

Solution (blocks all network connectivity from the app)

  1. Identify the offending application executable location
    1. Right click on shortcut and copy the Target location, make note of the filename – example-application.exe
  2. Open Windows Firewall Advanced Settings
  3. Add a rule to block all outbound traffic from the application
    1. Add your Target location to the Program path
    2. Select the file (EXE) – example-application.exe
    3. Choose Block the Connection
    4. Name it
  4. Profit, for you!

The example is from Epson Print Monitor advertisements


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