Cannot Activate Office 365 Home DM (AFOLB)

You’ve purchased a Microsoft Office 365 subscription along with a new computer through Lenovo or another computer manufacturer. You’re enjoying the beautiful new computer and you fire up Microsoft Office so you can dive into the 1 terabyte storage plus apps that you purchased. Oh bo-diddlies this is gonna rock! Or you know, maybe not.

Issue: How to activate your Microsoft Office 365 Subscription when there is no subscription to activate?
You purchased a Microsoft Office 365 Subscription with your new computer and Microsoft Office 365 came preinstalled on your new computer. All good! But on first launch of any Microsoft Office application you receive a dialog stating there are no subscriptions associated with your Microsoft Account. What account? What subscription? This is right about when you realize you’ve received exactly zero instruction, documents, serial numbers, activation codes or guidance from your computer vendor or Microsoft for your newly purchased Office 365 subscription. It should be magic, but there is no magic. The only relevant info you or the vendor has – is a line item on your purchase invoice charging you for a product you cannot use. Well that’s certainly not cool and definitely takes the air out of what was an enjoyable unboxing event.

Support – You call Lenovo support where they say things like: “You’ll need to install office” or “Did you try activating Office with your Microsoft Account?”. Eventually (on your third call) they may promise to connect you with Microsoft “on-site” support within 24-48 hours. On-site? Maybe they’ll stay for tea. Sure enough less than 24hrs later Microsoft may be on-site! In the form of an email, in your inbox and since the inbox is on your hard drive which is in your house…

Solution: Mr. On-Site from Microsoft delivers the goods! A download link for the Microsoft troubleshooter – cssemerge97925.diagcab. When you run the troubleshooter it identifies  “Emerging issue 97275” and resolves it! Bang – it works! On launch of Word 2016 you’re presented with a login screen and your MS account walks you right in. Boom office 365 plus cloud storage. Emerging issue indeed…

Office 365 - Emerging issue 97275
Office 365 – Emerging issue 97275


Office 365 Home - Product Key Confirmed
Office 365 Home – Product Key Confirmed


2 thoughts on “Cannot Activate Office 365 Home DM (AFOLB)

  1. I have received pre-installed Microsoft office on my device now i have installed new operating system on my ssd since it was working slow on my hard drive. Now i want to use my original office on my new operating system. Will it be possible to change office from old os to new os ? And also it is not showing any subscription of office on my mail ids.. so I can’t just login and use that !!

  2. Wow! Thank you. I had purchased a new laptop with Office in November 2019 and have been sent round in circles for a resolution. Finally!

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