ColdFusion 8 Data Source with MS SQL Express 2005

After upgrading my development system from ColdFusion MX and MS SQL 2000 to ColdFusion 8 and MS SQL Express 2005 I was getting the dreaded SQLServer JDBC Driver errors. The fix is in the Adobe link below – custom config the TCP/IP settings. In my case I used the existing “Dynamic port”

SQL 2005 TCP Settings
– Protocols for SQLEXPRESS
– Set “Enabled” to “Yes” For IP1 & IP2
– Note the port for IPALL
SQL Express TCP IP Config

ColdFusion Datasource
– SQL Server Port
ColdFusion 8 Datasource SQL Port SQL 2005

4 thoughts on “ColdFusion 8 Data Source with MS SQL Express 2005

  1. Hi DP – The port number to use for ColdFusion is from the MS SQL Express TCP/IP Properties. In my case that was 4718. If you’ve changed it as long as SQL and ColdFusion are the same that should still work.

  2. Hi!
    I have the sample error message as you got, and I put the port number that you have, I still get same error message, How can I identify port number on my computer?

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