Dork geek

Just spent 15 minutes tracking down a phantom machine on my home DHCP network. I was working on my wifes laptop figuring out why it had lost it’s IP again and wouldn’t renew. I checked my […]

Internet Explorer 7

I rebuilt my work laptop and instead of installing Firefox or Opera I went with Internet Explorer 7. I installed from a test build I’d made using IEAK 7. The install went smoothly and after a […]

Windows Media Player 11

Don’t upgrade to Windows Media player 11, yet. (01-27-2007) I bypassed my usual Audio app iTunes on a newly built machine in an effort to force me to use Microsoft’s new Windows Media Player 11. I […]

A brief history of Windows PCs

Your computer is what’s often (derogatorily) referred to as a “WinTel” machine on which the software is dominated by Microsoft Windows and the hardware is dominated by Intel. Intel was founded by three unhappy Fairchild Semiconductor […]

Handspring Visor Deluxe

At left is pictured my six week old Handspring Visor Deluxe©. The demise: Testing has proven that the device will not tolerate a two foot drop from my knee onto a tile floor without dire consequences. The […]