Internet Explorer 7

I rebuilt my work laptop and instead of installing Firefox or Opera I went with Internet Explorer 7. I installed from a test build I’d made using IEAK 7. The install went smoothly and after a reboot I was ready to go. Yes I had to reboot.

Thoughts and comments:

  • A very nice upgrade to the very arthritic Internet Explorer 6. Tabs and all that.
  • Tabs. Nice addition but IE7 tabs aren’t quite there yet. If a tab is busy so is the entire application. If lil ole Firefox can do this why can’t IE?
  • A lot of security upgrades to help battle Spyware and what not but man they’re a pain especially in sites that have apparently custom coded for IE6.
  • Slow feeling. Does not provide the smooth fluid workspace of it’s predecessor or of it’s competitors. If the system or the browser are busy the browser lags. Open 6 tabs and click on each tab in IE 7 then try it in Firefox as an example. This feels like a 1.0 release issue.
  • Crashes Webex remote and conferencing tool and fails to work with Avocent. This is not an IE7 issue but something to consider as I have to use other browsers for these tools.
  • Disable Phishing unless you want IE 7 to run even slower.
  • Waiting for a update and here’s hoping it’s not going to be Vista specific.

If you’re not using Firefox or Opera then this is a required upgrade to protect your machine for spyware & malware and to bring IE’s functionality up to par with it’s competitors. IE7 is a nice step forward but no quite equal to Firefox 2 or Opera 9. I’m hoping for a fix release within a year to smooth out some of the first release blues or I’ll return to using other browsers for everything but sites that require Internet Explorer.

IE7 Flash plugin error
IE7 Flash error

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