iPhone – Disable eMail Sound and Vibration Notifications

Are you suffering from notification overload? It can be a bit confusing as to where to change or disable notifications on iOS devices. “Notifications” would be the logical place to manage notifications and it does work, sometimes. Sounds is where we’ll be looking today, where you then disable… notification sounds.

Mail fail – Disabling Mail Notifications in Settings does not disable vibration notices

  • Settings > Notifications > Mail > Allow Notifications

Solution – Disable Sound and Vibration settings for Mail and other apps go to:

  1. Settings > Sound
  2. Under Sounds and Vibration Patterns choose > New Mail
  3. Under Alert Tones Choose > None
  4. Tap Vibration and Choose > None (way down at the bottom)

Customization – VIP

  1. Settings > Notifications > Mail
  2. Allow Notifications > On
  3. VIP settings > Notification Sound
  4. Choose Alert Tone and Vibration pattern
  5. Enable Screen notices of your choice
iPhone Email Notifications - New Mail
Sound Settings – New Mail
iPhone Email Notifications - Vibration
Vibration – None
iPhone Email Notifications - Alert tones
Alert Tones – None
iPhone Email Notifications - VIP
Notifications – VIP

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