Nikon D70 – Blinking Green Light of Death syndrome

Nikon d70BGLOD. My two year old Nikon D70 suddenly started acting up two weeks ago. I whipped it out to get a shot of the kids being silly and the Card reader light was blinking. The camera wouldn’t turn on or do anything I asked of it. I assumed it was a dead battery but charging didn’t fix the situation. So next I went to work on the card formatting it on my Windows XP system. That seemed to do the trick, but I went through the dance several times over the next few days. So… I bought a new card. And that seemed to do the trick but then the issue returned. A deeper Google search with proper terms “D70 card reader + blinking” = tons of hits. Seems this is a huge issue and Nikon will repair any and all cameras regardless of warranty status.

I’m posting mainly for this link which contains the Nikon PDF form for sending in your camera to repair the BGLOD – Blinking Green Light of Death syndrome. Repairs average a five day turn around.
Nikon Service Advisory – Nikon D70

2 thoughts on “Nikon D70 – Blinking Green Light of Death syndrome

  1. I was facing the same issue with my 3 year old Nikon D60, I tried resetting the camera and formatting the memory card but none worked, In my case my I switched the lens to Manual focus using the button on lens, and swithed off the VR using the button on the lense, the problem disappeared, what i could figure out of this is that it is an issue with my lense.

  2. Nikon doesn’t fix this problem anymore. I sent a D70s to them.. sent back an estimate of 224.00 same as I paid for the camera

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