Computer Won’t Stay in Sleep Mode

Desktop or laptop – you put your computer into sleep mode but return to find the computer wide awake. It may be after just one minute, one two or ten hours. Is it the cat, a ghost? Nope, just Windows and Intel, more fun with Windows and Intel… In my case Windows 10 AU on a Desktop with an Intel network adapter.

Issue: Put computer to sleep. It no sleep….

Research: Check your power settings and logs

  • Launch Command Prompt as administrator
    1. Search start for CMD, right click and choose Run As Administrator
    2. type: powercfg /lastwake – lists what last woke the computer
    3. type: powercfg /waketimers – list timers that wake the computer
    4. type: powercfg -devicequery wake_armed – lists devices that are currently configured to wake the computer from any sleep state
  • Check Power events with Event Viewer
    1. Windows Logs > System
    2. From Actions column choose Filter Current Log
    3. Under Event Sources choose Power-Troubleshooter
    4. My logs showed the Power Button was waking the computer. Power Button? Clearly not unless someone was breaking into my house just to press the button about 6 times a day!

Solution (for my case): Turn off Wake On Pattern Match for your Network Adapter

  1. In Windows or Cortana search type  “Device” and click on Device Manager in the results.
  2. Expand Network Adapters
  3. Your click your network card and choose Properties
  4. Click the Power Management tab
  5. Uncheck “Wake on Pattern Match”
Ethernet - Power Management - Wake on Pattern Match
Power Management – Wake on Pattern Match

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