CS-Cart – Page Speed and Optimization

Some simple steps to reduce CS-Cart page load times.

Prep Steps

  1. Optimization references
    1. Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site – Yahoo
    2. Optimize caching – Google
    3. Increasing Application Performance with HTTP Cache Headers – heroku
    4. Speed Up Sites with htaccess Caching – Ask Apache
  2. Image optimization tools
    1. PNGGauntlet (Win) or  ImageOptim (Mac)
  3. Test your website with a speed analyzer
    1. http://gtmetrix.com – Online speed analyzer
    2. YSlow – Website performance browser extension


  1. Backup your .htaccess file (located in the root of your CS-Cart install)
  2. Edit your .htaccess file
  3. Below the default CS-Cart code in your .htaccess file add rules for
    1. ETag – disable so we can control with Expires
    2. Expires – Set so browser caches
    3. Compression – compress to optimize

Example code that I’ve used to move my site from an 81 “B” YSlowscore to a 92 “A” score.

Before and After YSlow test results from the above code – click to enlarge


One thought on “CS-Cart – Page Speed and Optimization

  1. wow !!!!!!!! you are a genius!!!! you saved me. I spent a lot of time optimizing, and all the flies with your code. Thank you so much

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