Eddie Pepitone – Lincoln Lodge

Eddie Pepitone before going on stage at the Lincoln Lodge – “I hope I’m funny”. Oh he was,very. The Lincoln Lodge (Lincoln Restaurant) what an interestingly strange place to see a show. The nations longest running independent comedy club at 14yrs was in the back of the Land of Lincoln Restaurant and Pancake house. Back past the local neighborhood meeting going on on one side, people eating, down the wait staff aisle and into long skinny shotgun room. Has to be interesting if you’re there to eat and you hear a bitingly hilarious comedian and an entertained crowd, while you pour a little maple syrup. We sat near the front and had a great time – good warm up comedians and Eddie was great keeping a good rhythm, variety and punch in the this 4th and last show of the weekend.

Eddie Pepitone
Eddie Pepitone – g.fisk


Eddie Pepitone heckles himself – live in 2010


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