How to fix Windows 8 – step 1

Do you create content as much or more than you consume it? i.e. do you use a computer for your job and your job isn’t posting pics of what you had for lunch? If so and your computer is running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 then you may be experiencing what’s technically referred to as “a maddening loss of productivity for no apparent reason”.  As a content creator you were once king but then the content consumer rose to power by generating fresh revenue streams to mine and now your 24″ LED Monitor,  i7 quad core processor,  16gb of RAM  and  512gb SSD all masterfully guided by your keyboard and mouse prowess – are slaves to Candy Crush, Twitter and selfies. Hey I’ve got some spreadsheets to crunch over here yo! How to fix it? Hope Windows 9 gets it right. Until then… Lets get back control of the Desktop, our tools and apps by removing the pointless additional steps Windows 8 introduced for content creators.

  1. Upgrade to Windows 8.1
    1. Adds ability to boot directly to the Desktop (one step saved)
    2. Adds Start button – but in in a mind boggling way, it loads the Metro Desktop and not what everyone was asking for which is the step below.
  2. Install Classic Shell 
    1. Viola – instant Start Menu, features and functionality
    2. Free, no adds
Classic Menu Options
Classic Start Menu Options for Windows 8
Windows 8 - Start Menu
Classic Shell Start Menu running on Windows 8.1

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