Internet Explorer – Sync Bookmarks

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both allow for syncing bookmarks natively. Internet Explorer does not. Well McGyver wouldn’t give up and neither should you!

Sync Internet Explorer Bookmarks with SkyDrive

  1. Install SkyDrive (or DropBox, Box etc) on all involved computers
  2. Create a folder called “Favorites” in your SkyDrive folder
  3. Locate your Favoritesfolder
    • Via Windows Explorer:  C:\users\%username%\Favorites
      (username = your Windows log on name)
    • Via Run command:  Windows key + ‘R’   type  %USERPROFILE%  and click OK.
      (%USERPROFILE% is an environment variable for the currently logged on user)
    • For me this is: C:\Users\gfisk\Favorites
  4. Right click the Favorites folder and choose Properties
  5. Click the Locations Tab
  6. Click Move and change the location from:
    •  C:\Users\%username%\Favorites to  C:\Users\%username%\SkyDrive\Favorites
  7. Click OK
  8. You’ll be prompted to Move all of the Favorites from the Old Location to the New Location – click Yes
  9. All Favorites move, the original “old” Favorites folder disappears and SkyDrive Syncs your Favorites to the cloud.
  10. Repeat on any other computer and you now have a single synchronized backup of your favorites!
  11. Reverse steps 4-8 to move favorites back to the original location and stop synchronizing.

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