Nokia Lumia 1020 High Res Camera Phone Test

New smartphone day! First let me say that I have an iPhone 5 for work and love it, great OS, the best ecosystem, pretty much flawless functionality, we can talk about iTunes and lack of storage access another time. Camera wise the iPhone 5 has been excellent and a great step up from the iPhone 4. Thus when I went to upgrade my family of 4 from dumb to smartphones (ouch, like really really really ouch $$$) I was looking try out something different and pick between Android and Windows Phone. I was eyeing a Motorola Moto X (got one for my son, he better put a password on it…) and then either the six inch Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet or the Nokia Lumia 1020 phamera. Being a professional waffler and having read the same reviews over and over I went with what I do – take pictures. Hello 41 megapixels. Forty One Meg O Pixels. Does it matter? Yes.

Below is a test shot taken the second day I had the camera, er phone: handheld, on my office desk, mid-morning east facing window light mixed with overhead cool white cube farm fluorescents. The laptop memory stick is placed on the back of fresh DVD and shot as close as I could focus, approximately 5 inches.

Click here for unedited Nokia Lumia 1020 high res camera phone test – 7712 x 4352px
Make sure to zoom to 100%! (click magnifier in browser)

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